MZN مزن – Pure & Natural Body Care

Hello, everyone Xx Its really been a while since I’ve written my last blogpost. Get your ass werkin, Shireen!

MZN is a small batch natural skincare artisan located in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Founded by  beautiful and passionate ladies; Muzon and Kenda (Muzon’s sister in law) share their secret and knowledge to youthful skin by using natural and organic ingredients to create beautiful and effective skincare products.
They also create natural products for men that cater to the needs and tastes of the local Saudi population.
This luxury gift package consists of: Handmade soaps, Lip balm, Lip sugar scrub, Body Butter, Body Scrub, Salt Scrub and Salt & Oat soaks.

Each product comes along with specifications on how to use and the ingredients used in it.For knowing more about how to purchase their products and the pricing, scroll down the  details given at the end.

I swear by this brandline, MZN products smell SO HEAVENLY. My personal favourites are  ALL of their Body Butters, Body Scrubs and the Salt Scrub too. BESSSTTT! In a way you can have your mini mani – pedi pamperings at your own convenience at your place.

  • Fact – Almost all their products are best sellers. Its worth giving a try! Xx Im definitely restocking my favourite’s.

You can avail all these products through online from their website

You could also buy from ‘The Full Drawer’ shop which is located in Rashid Mall – 2nd Floor. (Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia)

For people living in Riyadh, MZN products are now available in Boughshat Rihaf Shop in Mohamadiya on King Abdullah Road, Riyadh.

Stay helwa!


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