How Uber & Careem have made my life easier.

uber2-1024x576Hello, everybody 🙂 So, basically me and my sister have been frequently using  both UBER and CAREEM rides for our regular commutes for about 8- 9 months now. We both have friends/colleagues/acquaintances constantly enquiring about it and also, mentioning their concerns. So; that’s when I thought, how about I do a detailed blog post on this topic and be of help.

Almost 2 weeks back, I, along with my sister, literally had to rush around the shopping streets of Al Khobar and Dammam since she was about to travel. And, let me tell you; riding with UBER and CAREEM made it so easy and convenient for us. Both UBER and CAREEM have become such an integral part of everyone’s life here in KSA especially for us ladies. Now, you don’t need to bug your brother/dad/husband for your hangouts with friends or drop off to a salon or an early morning shopping spree or even a hospital appointment. Isn’t that great ? Plus safety at it’s best. Travelling has just become much more safer, easier and reliable with them.


Barcelona Cabs Strike Against Uber Taxi App

Whether you’re headed to work, the airport, or out in the town, the Uber app connects you with a reliable ride—from low-cost to premium—in minutes. You can pay automatically through the app by your credit card, or by cash to the driver. An additional benefit of Uber is that you can split your fare if you are going out with your friends or picking them up from their place.

During a trip, use the Split Fare feature to divide fare equally between two or more riders. Please note that the split fare feature is only available during a trip. The fare cannot be split after the trip ends.
For a  full guide to Uber and to get updated flat fares for Dammam/Khobar, click

Cars available :
UberX    – The low – cost Uber ( I choose this always)
UberXL  – Low cost rides for large groups.


careem-4 Careem is a chauffeur driven car booking service that offers convenient, reliable and comfortable travel every time.They let you find the car closest to you if you need to get somewhere NOW or tell  the exact time and place you’d like to be picked with their LATER service. No penalty on LATER booking if cancelled at least 2 hours before pickup time. Careem FAQ for Eastern Province ? Click here!
Cars available :
1- Local Taxi (I choose this from the rest options)
2- GO
3- Economy
4- Business
5- ONE

Let me quickly help you with the following main queries :

  • Safety – In both Uber and Careem app, once you request for a ride, your app sends your request to nearby drivers. Your GPS should be turned on while you set up your pick up location. After you’re matched with a driver, your app shares info about the vehicle and driver headed to your pickup location. This displays a photo of your driver along with the vehicle’s make, model, and license plate number. Always confirm that the license plate number displayed in your app matches the actual vehicle before boarding it.
    P.S : I find this the safest option rather than travelling in the local taxis which makes me feel totally unsafe. 
  • Price – Both Uber and Careem pricing is based on distance travelled and waiting time. It is likely that similar trips may have slightly different distance based on variances in route.
    I have noticed that I’ve been charged SR 3 -4 lesser by Uber than Careem for the same destination. Also, Careem has this additional benefit of paying by using your STC Qitaf points.

The best feature of both these apps is that you can enter your destination and check the estimated fare before going ahead and booking a ride.

  • Payment Mode – Cash or Credit Card.
  • Cancellation Policy – If cancellation happens 2 minutes after driver assignment, there is no cost. Between 2 minutes of driver assignment and driver arrival, the cancellation cost is the minimum fare. This cancellation cost is added on to your next ride.

Sign up using these links provided below which has my referral code and you will get your first free ride worth SR 30/- :

Once signed up, you can download the app from Google Play/Apple Store/Windows Store and sign in.

Have a pleasant day xo


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